2016-17 Student Registration Information

registration information

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Dates and times for registration at all DCSD schools are as follows:



Grade Span


August 1, 2016


August 2, 2016


August 3, 2016


August 4, 2016


Elementary Schools

12:00 PM -­‐ 6:00 PM




N. Hartsville: 1st grade only Brunson-Dargan: All grades Brockington: All grades Cain: All grades

Carolina: All grades Lamar Elem: All grades Pate: All grades

Rosenwald Elementary: All grades Southside Early Childhood Ctr: All grades Spaulding Elem: All grades

St. John's: 4K- 2nd grades Thornwell: All grades Washington St.: All grades

W. Hartsville: All grades



N. Hartsville: 2nd - 5th grades


St. John's: 3rd - 5th grades



Middle Schools

12:00 PM -­‐ 6:00 PM



Darlington Middle: 6th grade


Hartsville Middle: 6th grade



Darlington Middle: 7th grade Hartsville Middle: 7th grade Spaulding Middle: 6th grade Rosenwald Middle: All grades



Darlington Middle: 8th grade Hartsville Middle: 8th grade Spaulding Middle: 7th & 8th grades Rosenwald Middle: All grades



High Schools

12:00 PM -­‐ 6:00 PM



Darlington High: 11th & 12th grades only

Hartsville High: 12th grade only Lamar High: 11th & 12th grades only Mayo High: 12th grade only


Darlington High: 10th grade only Hartsville High: 11th grade only Lamar High:9th & 10th grades only Mayo High: 11th grade only



Darlington High: 9th grade only Hartsville High: 10th grade only Mayo High: 10th grade only




Hartsville High: 9th grade only


Mayo High: 9th grade only





DCIS: 6th - 8th Grades Only 9:00 am



DCIS: 9th - 12th Grades Only 9:00 am





12:00 PM -­‐ 6:00 PM



12th Grade Only



11th Grade Only



10th Grade Only