South Carolina State Department of Education 
8301 Parklane Road
Columbia, SC 29223
Phone Number: (803) 896-0325
Fax Number: (803) 896-0368

Status of requests must be confirmed from the Educator Licensure Website. An official educator license will be provided only when an educator qualifies for their very first South Carolina license. All subsequent changes, additions or modifications to a license must be confirmed by the educator and a license printed from the Certification Status page on their secure Website at https://ed.sc.gov/educators/certification/

Please print your license and send a copy to Lisa Bruce, Personnel Coordinator.  Payroll changes will not be made unless you provide us with a copy of your updated license. The copy of the updated license should be received within a timely manner.

Expiring Professional Certificates/Licenses  

For certificate renewal, all educators must meet all requirements of the SC State Department of Education in order to renew his or her professional certificate.

Renewal Packets for 2019 and/or 2020 expiring licenses can be forwarded to Human Resources.  Below you will find the appropriate forms to renew.  Once you have completed your forms, review with your Credit Advisors, and then send your packet to Christopher "Matthew" Ferguson. This allows us time to review your renewal packet and renew your license before contract recommendation.  Your teaching license will be renewed as soon as possible in the beginning of the expiring year.  Once your license is renewed, you will be notified and you will be able to print your license from South Carolina Department of Education.  You can review the Professional Certification Renewal Program at the following link.

PGCRP - Renewal Program.pdf

Click the forms link in the box on left side of this screen to see all forms for renewal and also instructions and forms for the SDE required training...The Jason Flatt Act - Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training (Mandatory training for middle and high school certified employees).
REMINDER:  proof of 120 points is needed for certificate/license renewal  (teachers/educators who do not have a master’s degree, the 120 renewal points must include at least one approved (3) hour college graduate course) and an official college transcript will be required to verify college graduate credits earned. Also, the SDE Read to Succeed (R2S) and Literacy  requirements must be met by deadline. To get more information, please ask your principal or credit advisor or click here

To access the eLearningSC PD page go to 
https://tackk.com/sp15public. Please visit the  website for registration information, course information, and more information about online professional development courses.

Also, for additional information on pre-approved renewal course providers visit: http://ed.sc.gov/educators/certification/maintaining-certification/renewal/

Middle Level Certification or Secondary Certification is required for 7th & 8th grade teachers teaching content/core subject areas.


  • Requests for adding another area of certification may be sent the State Department of Education. If you would like to receive an evaluation for adding another area course-by-course, please mail or fax a copy of the Request for Change/Action form to the South Carolina Department of Education , Division of Educator Quality and Leadership – Office of Educator Licensure, 8301 Parklane Road 29223, fax (803-896-0368).
  • Title monies may be available for reimbursement for teachers needing coursework and Praxis exams to add-on content areas.  If applicable, we will reimburse  content teachers for any needed coursework or Praxis exam indicated on their SDE worksheet. Reimbursement Request form  must be completed to request reimbursement for any coursework or praxis exam taken in order to become highly qualified in content area teaching. Documentation required with completed form: 1) Copy of required passing PRAXIS score(s) and/or Official Transcript for required course 2) Copy of SDE worksheet and 3) Original receipt with zero balance/canceled check.

SDE Alternative Certification Routes

South Carolina Department of Education has approved alternative programs for obtaining teacher certification.  For more information, please see information below or contact the SDE.

PACE Alternative Certification

The Program for Alternative Certification for Educators (PACE) is South Carolina's alternative route for certification.  As part of the 1984 Education Improvement Act, the South Carolina General Assembly provided for a conditional certification program.  The purpose of the program is to enable degreed individuals, who otherwise do not meet certification requirements, to gain employment in the public schools in a content area included in the alternative certification program. Click here for more information.

PACE Forms for Current Teachers:
PACE Extension Request form
PACE Course Approval  form
PACE Request for Professional License form

American Board Program or American  Board Certification of Teacher Excellence

In June 2007, the South Carolina General Assembly passed H. 3476, cited as the "American Board for the Certification of Teacher Excellence Act." The Act provides that a S.C. public school district may hire individuals who use the American Board Program process to obtain a South Carolina teaching certificate. 

Applicants for teacher certification/licensure in S.C. who qualify for the Passport to Teaching certificate issued by American Board Program in the fields of biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, physics, or science may apply for a one-year alternate route certificate in S.C., upon verification of an employment offer as a teacher in a S.C. public school. The alternate route certificate may be renewed annually for two additional years upon verification of successful teaching. To advance to the professional certificate (five-year certificate), the applicant must complete induction and ADEPT (teacher evaluation) requirements, and pass the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) praxis exam. College degrees earned by individuals who hold the Passport to Teaching certificate must have been from regionally accredited colleges.

To obtain more information about American Board Program and the Passport to Teaching certificate, please go to their Web site at www.americanboard.org/.