School Zones

Click on the site above to locate the correct school zone for your residence. 

All persons of legally defined and mandated school age who reside in the district may attend the free public schools.  All students must enroll in schools located in the attendance zone in which they actually reside and who live with parents, a legal guardian, or with officially recognized foster parents.  Proof of guardianship is required.  Students wo do not reside with a parent or legal custodian should have the person they live with complete a South Carolina Affidavit stating why the child is living in your household.  Click on the link below to obtain this form.
        South Carolina Affidavit
Proof of residence is also required such as an electric, gas, water, or tax notice that contains the street address of the residence.  If you do not have anything in your name due to living at a rental address, click on the link below to get a Certification of Residence form.

            Certification or Residence for Rental Property