Community Learning Center Connection

Children practicing social distancing

In an effort to help families during eLearning periods when our students are not able to participate in face-to-face classes, the Darlington County School District is connecting families to Community Learning Centers who offer a safe place for students (5 years or older per Department of Social Services - DSS) to complete schoolwork. Community Learning Centers are operated separately from the Darlington County School District and are a service to our students offered completely independent of the District by the organizations offering the Centers.
Please note that the school district will provide meals for students at Community Learning Centers. 

Organizations that would like to be added to the directory of Community Learning Centers should complete the interest form by clicking here.

We will be in contact with you soon about the next steps. In the meantime, please visit the SC Child Care website to learn more about DSS regulations by clicking here:  Organizations that do not already operate a licensed center will need to apply for the Temporary Certificate to Operate a School-Aged Child Care Facility through DSS. 

Organizations will need to provide a copy of the Temporary Certificate to the District upon request.

Below is a list of organizations who are hosting a Community Learning Center in Darlington County. As organizations confirm they have received the Temporary Certificate to Operate a School-Aged Child Care Facility from DSS, we will continue to add to the list.

Organization Name: Hartsville Boys and Girls Club 
Contact: Dianne Montgomery
Phone Number: 843-332-1400
Address: 1103 S. Sixth Street, Hartsville
Days of Operation: M-F
Time of Operation: 7:30 a.m. -6:00 p.m.
Serving Grades: 1-5
Number of students able to serve: 74
Cost: $10 per week, per child

Frequently Asked Questions:

When are Community Learning Centers available to families?
Community Learning Centers are made available by organizations willing to provide a safe place for our students to complete schoolwork while the district is in an eLearning mode. As the Centers are independent of DCSD, they may operate on different days of the week and/or at different hours of the day. 

What information will parents be given about the Community Learning Centers when completing the connection form?
Parents will be provided the name of the organization/Community Learning Center, the physical address of the Center, the days and hours of the Center's operation, and the grades of students with which the Center is willing to work. To learn more about what DSS requires of the Centers, please  click here.

Do Community Learning Centers offer WiFi?
Community Learning Centers will offer wifi to students so that they may complete the work online.

Who will staff Community Learning Centers?
The Centers will be staffed by the organization's volunteers/staff, ages 18 and older, who have passed a background check by DSS. Volunteers/staff will not be providing instruction to students, as they will receive all instruction through eLearning. Volunteers/staff will be monitoring the students while ensuring proper social distancing, mask wearing, and hand washing as well as other S.C. DHEC and CDC recommendations.

What type of license do the Community Learning Centers hold?
Effective August 1, 2020, DSS created a Temporary Certificate to Operate a School-Age Child Care Facility that allows organizations to apply and operate on a 90-day certificate that can be extended up to four times at the discretion of DSS during periods of time when schools are not providing in-classroom instruction.

How much does it cost to have my child served at a Center?
Fees are listed above, as they vary.

Who is liable for my child while he or she is  at the Center?
As the Community Learning Centers are operated independently of DCSD, the organization sponsoring the Center is responsible for participants.

How will my child get to the Center?
Parents/guardians are responsible for transportation to and from the Center.

For specific questions concerning Community Learning Center Connections, contact business engagement coordinator Quinetta Buterbaugh at (843) 398-3520 or