Transfer for Children of Employees

        Children of DCSD employees will be allowed to attend school in the school attendance zone in which the parent is employed as long as the transfers do not contribute to a significant change in the racial balance of the schools.  The student will attend the school in which the parent works or a school in the attendance zone in which the parent works if the grade needed by the student is not available in the parent's school.  Transportation for the transferred student is the responsibility of the parent. 
        Employees who do not live in Darlington County may request a transfer to the Darlington County School District for their children if a release form from their home district is submitted to the superintendent and the student must be in good behaviorial and financial standing with the district from which he or she is transferring.  No out of county proviso payment is required for children of employees.
        To obtain a form contact your school principal or Donna Segars at Admin Office at 398-2269.