180 Days Hartsville

180 Days Hartsville
180 Days: Hartsville

One Town - Two Schools - One Family - One Year… Experience a year inside two elementary schools in Hartsville, South Carolina in this groundbreaking PBS special. The film highlights the roles of two elementary school principals and the district superintendent, Dr. Edward Ingram. These are critical leadership roles that determine resources and focus for the schools and the entire system.

180 Days: Hartsville also follows one family and the struggles of a working single mother and her fifth grade son. Is Hartsville an anomaly, or does its successes point towards some universally applicable solutions? Can education and community leadership really change the fortunes of a generation by not letting its youngest children fall through the cracks?

As part of ETV’s community outreach ETV will broadcast After 180 Days: Hartsville, a panel discussion program immediately following the national program. The panel will explore in more detail the vision for Hartsville, how Sonoco Products Company is making a difference, and how other school districts can learn from the Hartsville experience as well as look at recent developments in statewide public policy and education issues that need to come together to transform education in our state.

Go to the ETV schedule searchable site and search for "Hartsville" for all broadcast times: www.scetv.org/tvschedule.

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