Teacher Evaluation (ADEPT)

The ADEPT System
Teacher Evaluation Procedures and Templates

 "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."
-- Benjamin Franklin


Classroom-based teachers undergoing summative (formal) evaluation will be evaluated using the state model, SAFE-T, which is a part of the ADEPT system.

DCSD SAFE-T Summative (Formal) Evaluation Timeline 2016-2017

SC Department of Education: SAFE-T Guide for Teachers and Evaluators

For all SAFE-T templates, click HERE.

Competence-Building Professional Growth and Development Plan (PGDP)
Click HERE for Competence-Building PGDP Templates for Classroom-Based Teachers

DCSD SAFE-T Evaluator Training Recommendation Form

DCSD 2016-17 ADEPT Plan
(Induction/Mentoring, Formal Evaluation, GBE)

oject TEACH


All first year teachers participate in Project TEACH, Darlington County School District's approved ADEPT induction course.  Please visit the  Project TEACH page for all induction forms, templates, and procedures.

GBE (Goals-Based Evaluation)

For the GBE-R Professional Growth & Development Plan (PGDP) Template and Competence-Building PGDP templates, click HERE.

SC Department of Education Professional Growth & Development Plans Guidance Document

Other Competence-Building Templates

Click HERE to access Competence-Building PGDP Templates for:

• Classroom-based
• Library Media Specialist
• Guidance Counselors
• Speech-Language Therapist

SC Department of Education
GBE-R Powerpoint

Person Reading Book 1.pngPerson Reading Book 1.pngPerson Reading Book 1.png

ADEPT for Guidance, Media, and Speech-Language

School Guidance Counselors, click HERE

Library Media Specialists, click HERE

Speech-Language Therapists, click HERE

Special Area Training Programs (Guidance, Media, & Speech)


AP Evaluation


For information on how TAP requirements relate to ADEPT standards:

HOUSSE Procedures

Effect Letters Alphabet Silver X.png
In response to a recommendation from the U.S. Department of Education, HOUSSE is being discontinued and can no longer be used to add HQ status for teachers


Administrative Evaluation Forms

COSPAI Evaluation Form
(Central Office Staff Formative & Summative Performance Assessment Instrument)*

(Assistant Principal/Administrative Staff Annual Performance Assessment Instrument)*

*These format options are available for Central Office Staff, Assistant Principals and Administrative staff evaluations. Other templates may be selected by principals and supervisors, including the SC State's ADEPT Goals-Based Evaluation format.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Dr. Meredith Taylor
Director of Teacher Quality
(843) 398-5100
Fax (843) 398-2225

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