Title 1 Public Announcement

April 30, 2010
Title I Public Announcement

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires the South Carolina Department of Education (SDE) to review annually the performance of each school district in the state that receives Title I federal funds. The results of this review are reported on the district report card as the district’s adequate yearly progress (AYP). Using student performance data and other indicators such as attendance or graduation, a district is identified for district improvement if it does not make AYP for two or more consecutive years. The state absolute and improvement ratings also found on the district report card are not related to NCLB and have no impact on the district being identified for district improvement under NCLB. These state ratings are part of the state’s Education Accountability Act. 

For the 2008-09 school year, Darlington School District (DCSD) did not make AYP and has been identified for District Improvement, corrective action. Information regarding the district’s AYP results can be found on the South Carolina State Department web site at http://www.ed.sc.gov/topics/assessment/scores/ayp/2009. As shown on this report, the district did not meet AYP for the following subgroups. 

DCSD did not meet ELA academic performance in the category of African American students, disabled students and students on subsidized meals. The district did not meet math academic performance in the category of African American students and disabled students. 

There was not a district in South Carolina that made AYP in 2008-2009. As you see from the chart below, the percent of all students meeting standard continues to increase.

Once a district is identified for improvement, the district must make AYP for two years consecutively to no longer be identified for improvement. Darlington County School District is committed to the academic improvement of all students. The action chosen is to defer funds or reduce administrative funds so that district improvement will continue to focus on improving ELA performance through developing a framework for a district ELA model. The framework will include intensive training to ensure all K-8 teachers have the skills to implement the model and have been provided with the resources needed. In addition to ELA, math will be strengthened with the update of the curriculum guides, benchmarks and assessments. Curriculum facilitators at the elementary and middle levels for schools in restructuring will continue to provide support.

There is no offer of school choice or supplemental services related to district improvement under NCLB. Only schools in school improvement are required to implement choice and supplemental services. Schools have already completed this process for the current school year.

As part of our continued effort to improve the quality of our district, we invite you to participate in the district improvement process by  

  • Talking with school and district staff about the district’s plan to help students meet the state standards in reading and mathematics;
  • Attending meetings held by the school and district to develop their improvement plans;
  • Attending parent-teacher conferences;
  • Visiting your child’s school; and
  • Volunteering. 

For further information about any of the district improvement requirements or to find out how you can become involved in this effort, please contact Emily Lunn, Title I Director at (843) 398-5100.