Wiggins School of Education honors Hartsville High’s Cameron with Educator of the Year Award

Wiggins School of Education honors Hartsville High’s Cameron with Educator of the Year Award
Posted on 08/16/2016
Donna CameronHARTSVILLE, S.C. – Coker College’s Wiggins School of Education recently awarded its third Educator of the Year Award to Donna Cameron, an exceptional education teacher and academic coach at Hartsville High School.

The College said teacher candidates consistently report positive feedback regarding Cameron’s mentorship. The faculty and staff of the Wiggins School of Education presented the award at the fall dinner honoring supervising teachers.

Shay Pierce, Director of Education Internship Programs for the Wiggins School of Education, said her students have an excellent opportunity available to them in working alongside Cameron.

“We are extremely fortunate to have such high quality and experienced teachers who welcome our interns in their classrooms,” Pierce said. “Mrs. Cameron is one such teacher who has been instrumental in molding our students through her cooperation and amazing mentoring. Teacher candidates consistently provide positive feedback on their internships with her. Glowing comments are made regarding how she assists them in connecting what they learn in their college classes to implementing those strategies and theories in the classroom to assist students’ success.”

Teacher candidate comments regarding their time with Cameron include:

• “She really [gets] to know the students [and] how to help them.”

• “She puts so much effort into her class both inside the classroom and outside, and it really shows through the class how invested she is in teaching [her] students and helping them succeed.”

Dr. Charlie Burry, principal of Hartsville High School, described Cameron as the most devoted teacher with whom he has worked.

“I have not known an educator in my career more dedicated to her students than Donna Cameron,” Burry said. “She leaves no stone unturned regarding their academic welfare and progress. This work ethic, applied in a firm but caring manner and combined with her experience and considerable expertise in the area of exceptional education, has resulted in great success for her students academically, socially and personally. Donna Cameron is the consummate professional and teacher.”

Dr. Susan Daniels Henderson, Dean of the Wiggins School of Education, also praised Cameron and Hartsville High School.

"We are truly thankful for all of our school partners who work with our teacher candidates during their field and clinical experiences,” Henderson said. “Mrs. Cameron is indeed a wonderful influence for her students and for our Coker College students. We so appreciate what she and Dr. Burry do for the field of education.”