Lamar High School Senior Beta Club raises money for Carolina Kids’ Lamar Clothing Closet

Lamar High School Senior Beta Club raises money for Carolina Kids’ Lamar Clothing Closet
Posted on 11/01/2016
LHS Beta ClubLAMAR, S.C. – Lamar High School Senior Beta Club members took an active role in their community recently by sponsoring a fundraiser for the Carolina Kids’ Lamar Clothing Closet, which collects and provides clothing to children in the area who are in need.

“We promote kindness and compassion at Lamar High School,” said Principal Kathy Gainey. “It is always great to see our students help others in our community. The Senior Beta Club encourages service and leadership, and this project exemplifies those qualities.”

The Senior Beta Club raised the money during Spirit Week through a “Penny War,” which called for all students to donate their spare change for a friendly competition amongst classes.

Seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen were encouraged to put pennies in their respective containers to earn points for their classes. If silver coins or paper money were placed in the containers, points were subtracted from the class totals based on the denomination of the coins or bills. Students worked to increase points for their class by putting pennies in their containers while trying to decrease point totals for other classes by dropping other coins or dollar bills in containers of other classes.

Each day was classified as a “battle,” and results announced the following day. The freshman class emerged victorious, and the Senior Beta Club donated a $100 check to the Lamar Clothing Closet.

“We were so excited that the Beta Club sponsored the penny competition and raised $100 for the Lamar Clothing Closet,” said Gay Jeffords, reading interventionist at Lamar Elementary School and volunteer with the Lamar Clothing Closet. “Our children have been in great need of shoes, and this money will help tremendously. We thank all of the efforts for such a great cause of helping our children in our community.”

Current members of the Senior Beta Club include Joshua Amerson, Adeonna Benbow, Brianna Broach, Deshawn Caesar, Russ Freeman, Nasir Hawkins, Jordan James, Paris Long, Destiny Taylor and Zackery Tolson. Faculty co-sponsors are Alphine Bradley and Dedra Hart.