DCSD sees improvement on graduates’ ACT scores

DCSD sees improvement on graduates’ ACT scores
Posted on 10/30/2019
DCSD LogoDARLINGTON, S.C. – Graduating seniors from two high Darlington County School District high schools saw average composite scores improve on the 2019 ACT, while another school exceeded the state average and the fourth lost no ground.

Mayo High School for Math, Science and Technology outpaced the state composite average on the 2019 ACT. Mayo High averaged a 20.7 composite score, while the state averaged 18.6 among all public school students.

Hartsville High School’s 18.3 average composite score was just below this year’s state average and an increase from the school’s 2018 score of 17.1.

Lamar High School graduating seniors’ average of 16.0 also surpassed their 2018 average composite score of 15.7. Darlington High School’s average of 16.1 remained consistent.

As a district, Darlington County School District graduating seniors averaged 17.4 in on the 2019 ACT, an improvement over last year’s average of 17.0.

An estimated 78 percent or 36,430 South Carolina graduates took the ACT test with a composite score average of 18.8. Among public school students, there were 33,834 test takers with an average composite of 18.6. Nationwide, the average composite score is 20.7.