The DCSD Office of Communications is tasked with providing the public a better understanding of the role, objectives, accomplishments, and needs of the Darlington County School District.

The Office of Communications will foster coordinated and consistent communications, both internally and externally, that will support the mission, goals and beliefs of our district.

To that end, the Office of Communications operates under the following objectives:

  1. Actively promote objectives and activities of the Darlington County School District.
  2. Protect and grow positive, proactive media relationships with internal stakeholders.
  3. Provide coordinated, accurate and regular contact with the parent/guardians and external stakeholders about the state and activities of the district and schools.
  4. Establish and maintain proactive media relations programs with local media, as well as internal and external audiences.
  5. Utilize new medias to expand communication opportunities with all audiences.

Note to media: All media contacts with Darlington County School District schools are to be made through the Office of Communications Services. District policy requires parental authorization to photograph or interview any students.