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Head Lice

Head Lice Procedure
Darlington County School District
Student Health Services

Policy Guidance: Students found to have head lice should be excluded from school at the end of the school day until after the first treatment.

Live Lice: The parent or guardian will be notified preferably by phone. If the student’s parent/guardian is unable to pick the student up, the student should be allowed to follow his or her normal class schedule until the end of the school day provided no head to head contact or sharing of head gear will be required. The student should not be isolated from other students in the classroom. Parent notification/informational letter will be sent home at the end of the day. Proof of treatment should be sent back with the student. The student will be re-screened upon arrival at school and must be free of live lice before they can return to the classroom. Universal screening programs are not recommended by the Department of Environmental Control for schools where the prevalence of head lice infestation is low. Universal screening may be considered when 10% or more of the school population is chronically infested.

"No Nit" policies requiring that children be free of nits before they return to child care or school have not been proven effective in controlling head lice transmission. The National Pediculosis Association does not recommend a "No Nit" Policy.

Live Nits: The student can stay at school, but parent must be notified preferably by phone. Treatment necessary if prior treatment was more than 7 days ago. Proof of treatment must be sent. The child will be re-screened prior to admission to the classroom to ensure compliance.

Parents/guardians should be advised that other members of the household should be checked for head lice and treated if live lice are found. Parents/guardians of children found to have head lice will receive instruction on appropriate methods for treating head lice.

School staff members will also be trained to check for head lice.