Brunson-Dargan Elementary School students partner with UNICEF to help children and stay active

Brunson-Dargan Elementary School students partner with UNICEF to help children and stay active
Posted on 03/13/2017
Kid Power BandsDARLINGTON, S.C. – Through an exciting partnership with the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), students at Brunson-Dargan Elementary School are getting active to help provide food to malnourished children.

Kathryn Wright’s class is using UNICEF’s “Kid Power Bands” fitness monitors, which count steps to “unlock” food packets. Official sponsors of the Kid Power Program purchase the food. The program includes standards-aligned classroom activities for the students.

“We officially launched the Kid Power Program on March 1, and so far our class has unlocked dozens of food packets,” Wright said. “Our first ‘mission’ is in Haiti. My students are so excited about this program. They are eagerly participating in action-based and kinesthetic lessons.”

The “missions” are video-based activities provided by UNICEF that feature celebrity leaders such as Women’s National Basketball Association star Maya Moore, former professional baseball player David Ortiz and recording artist Pink.

Wright and her assistant Monica Keith have always worked to keep the students active during the day. They find it fosters focus and positive attitudes. Wright implements activities from Move to Learn, GoNoodle and Bal-A-Vis-X, and participating in the Kid Power Program is supplementing the curriculum well.

“The bands have increased our class cohesion,” Wright said. “When a students sees another not moving as much, they’ll encourage them. The bands fit right into our daily routine, and now our movements are even more purposeful. The goal for each student is to log about 12,000 steps per day, which earns two food packets.”

The program also provided a tablet for Wright’s classroom, which allows the students to sync their Kid Power Bands from their desks. The information is then uploaded to an official website, where the class compares its progress to other classrooms participating in the program.

Wright said feedback from other teachers at Brunson-Dargan has been positive and several would like to participate in the program next year.

For more information about the Kid Power Program, visit the official website at