Duke Energy’s Robinson Nuclear Plant continues DCSD ambassador program

Duke Energy’s Robinson Nuclear Plant continues DCSD ambassador program
Posted on 01/23/2017
Duke EnergyHARTSVILLE, S.C. – Volunteers from Duke Energy’s Robinson Nuclear Plant continue their support of children in the Darlington County School District (DCSD) through an annual Ambassador Program.

The volunteers work throughout the year to provide a positive role model for students of a DCSD elementary school. Parents approve their child’s participation in the program, which is taking place at North Hartsville Elementary School this year.

“Duke Energy continues to be a tremendous asset to our students and schools,” said Dr. Eddie Ingram, DCSD superintendent. “We deeply appreciate their drive to help and remain involved in the education of our students.”

North Hartsville Elementary Principal Kristi Austin praised the impact of the Ambassador Program.

“The ambassador and student usually meet weekly and chat over lunch or at recess to discuss good citizenship skills, life skills and offer academic assistance as needed,” Austin said. “You can find an ambassador and mentor sitting with students at lunch on any given day at North Hartsville Elementary. It is a wonderful program that supports our students and school.”

A keystone event in the program is the Angel Tree and Holiday Social, which helps promote civic responsibility. Duke Energy works with the school to provide Christmas gifts for families that could use the assistance. In December, the mentors and students gathered for a pizza party to celebrate and wrap the gifts.

“The Christmas celebration’s main focus is showing the student how communities support each other, how important it is to help those in need, and the benefits of being charitable,” Austin said.

For more information about the Duke Energy Ambassador Program or any other extracurricular programs in the district, please call the DCSD Office of Communications at 843-398-2284 or visit www.darlington.k12.sc.us.