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PEBA Insurance Open Enrollment - September 15, 2023 - October 31, 2023 (Effective January 1, 2024)

Eligible changes this year (For more details, go to

  • Dental/ Dental Plus (add, drop)
  • Health (add, drop, change plan)
  • Vision (add, drop)
  • Life Insurance (requires medical evidence approval)
  • Re-Enroll in Medical Spending or Dependent Care Accounts (must be done annually to continue for the next plan year)

Ward Services assists in our PEBA Open Enrollment meetings and also offers some voluntary benefits. Make an appointment for more information and to make changes or to review your benefits.

Don't forget to check your insurance and retirement beneficiary information, which can be changed anytime throughout the year.

PEBA Insurance Open Enrollment Resources below:

Open Enrollment Worksheet

Enrollment Counselor Location Schedule

Schedule a meeting for Open Enrollment

2024 Active Monthly Premiums

2024 Insurance Summary (Details on all PEBA coverage)

2024 Resources for Insurance Information

Insurance Card Information/ Replacements


Flexible Spending Account Administrator change for 2024 to TASC (from ASI Flex). See links below for more information regarding these accounts:

Medical Spending Account

Dependent Care Spending Account

Limited Use Medical Spending Account (only for employees enrolled in the Savings State Health Plan)

For specific information about your benefits, review these documents:

2023 Insurance Summary

2023 Monthly Premiums
(as of Jan. 1, 2023)

New Employee Checklist

State Benefits offered to full-time employees:
Navigating Your Benefits
All-in-one information on insurance and benefits

Make changes or view insurance enrollment

Member Access
Make changes or view retirement account

PEBA Perks
No cost benefits at in-network providers

Health and Wellness
Overview of specific wellness programs offered by PEBA

Digital tool to improve health; available on Google Play and the App Store

Skip the waiting room and see the doctor online through a mobile device or computer

MUSC Virtual Visit
Available to all state health plan members at no cost for the visit. Service can be done through chat, questionnaire, or video 

PEBA Insurance Resources/ Forms
Resources such as publications, premiums, provider information, vendor website, and forms. *Some insurance coverage may be changed within 31 days of a special eligibility situation

State Health Plans
Standard Health Plan
Savings Health Plan
TRICARE Supplement Plan (available if on Tricare Military coverage)

Prescription Benefits

PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Homes)
If you or the covered family member receive services from a PCMH, the health plan pays 90% of the cost, and you only pay 10%. 

Dental and Dental Plus 
Dental changes occur odd years, i.e., 2023, 2025, etc.

Vision Care

Life Insurance

Long Term Disability

Pre-Tax Feature, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Health Savings Account

Adoption Assistance

Federally Mandated Notice - 2024

(Full time, Benefits eligible employees):

Rhonda Howle or Will Brown for Aflac policy enrollment or questions (Go to:

Ward Services (click name) offers several voluntary policies (see below). Contact them for specific policy questions.

Short Term Disability (Offered to all full time, benefits eligible employees upon hire)
If enrollment is not done within 31 days of hire date, a late entry application would be required during any other time of employment and is subject to medical evidence. Contact the Benefits office for further information.

Benefits offered to ALL employees:
401K/457 Supplemental Retirement Plans (SC Deferred Compensation Plan/ Empower Retirement)
401K/457 Enrollment Form

403b Supplemental Retirement Plan (Contact agent for enrollment process)
Availability Notification

Some employees may be eligible for coverage under the Affordable Care Act and obtain health insurance through the Federal Marketplace. The Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange Notice is available under the Benefits Forms for reference.
If you choose to review your options under the marketplace, you may print Part B of this form to assist you in completing your application for health insurance on the marketplace.
For more information about this Federal program, please go to

Christy Sandifer , Benefits Coordinator: 843-398-2308

Kimberly Hubbard, Benefits Administrative Assistant: 843-398-2309

     Contact Information

843-398-2309 or 843-398-2308

PEBA Insurance and PEBA Retirement Benefits
1-888-260-9430 or 803-737-6800


The Darlington County School District recognizes the importance of employee benefits in the lives of the people who work with the District. For this reason, the Darlington County School District has a policy of continuous review of all benefits which means paying constant attention to the improvement of current benefits and the addition of new ones, where possible. The aim of this continuous review is to provide progressive benefits for all district employees. The information contained in this page is designed to outline the fringe benefits for the district employees. Benefits may vary according to the length of the contract year of the employee with the District. Where such variances do occur, every attempt is made to keep the variances fair, consistent, and equitable.