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Retirement Benefits

Retirement Orientation

South Carolina Retirement System

SCRS - Class II Members (joined prior to July 1, 2012)
SCRS - Class III Members (joined after July 1, 2012)
Review the SCRS Member Handbook

State ORP

State ORP Information, and Vendors

State ORP Annual Enrollment Period is January 1 through March 1 for all members. During that time, members may either change investment provider vendors or switch to SCRS only if the member has between one and five years of State ORP service.

Service Retirement Awareness

SCRS Retirement Application (or may complete application in Member Access)

Retiree Insurance Eligibility and Funding Criteria

Retiree Packet

 In order to apply for the retiree insurance, you must complete eligibility/coverage selection forms (Employment Verification Record and Retiree Notice of Election). You may do this up to 90 days before your planned retirement date or may submit your retirement application through Member Access.
*NOTE: If you are not ready to retire, but are inquiring about your eligibility in the future, you may submit the Employment Verification Record to Insurance Benefits with a letter indicating your anticipated retirement date. PEBA Insurance 
Benefits will verify eligibility for retiree insurance no more than 6 months prior to retirement.


PEBA Retirement Contact Information Document

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